racebaitingWhen Barack Obama was elected as the first black president in US history, our country was energized by the prospect of a society without racial conflict. The election of a black president offered the inherent promise of reduced hostility between the black and white communities and the creation of forums for conflict resolution and meaningful remedy. Barack Obama with his charismatic presence and engaging oratory skills appeared to be the the perfect choice to make Martin Luther King’s dream of a society where little black and little white children co-exist in harmony a reality. However, six years into his presidency, it has become apparent that President Obama is not the ambassador of peace he purported to be. Instead of improving race relations, the first black president has expanded the racial divide. It also has become abundantly clear that Obama does not truly care about the black population. To him, they are a voter block which he assumed was his for the duration of his presidency. But recent events demonstrate that not all black citizens are buying Obama’s bag of goods.

Bloomberg Politics just released a poll which was conducted between December 3-5, which revealed that 53% of Americans believe that race relations have deteriorated since President Obama took office in 2009. In addition, a November Washington Post-ABC poll revealed that 63% of blacks approved of Obama’s handling of the Ferguson (Michael Brown) case 30% disapproved and 7% had no opinion. But the 63% is the lowest approval rate Obama has received on any of the seven issues tested by the Washington Post/ABC Poll in the last few months. The 63% number is also 28% below the 91% overall approval rating which Obama received among blacks in a late October Washington Post-ABC poll. A 30% approval rating is significant given that his population voted for Obama 93-6 in 2012 and 95-4 in 2008.

Obama’s “low grade” on race relations can certainly be attributed to the way he conducted himself in the high profile cases which incited national race relations dialogue. Instead of taking an objective approach towards the Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and Eric Garner cases, he injected himself personally into each situation and fueled a national campaign to affix the racism label. And in all three cases, he was critical of law enforcement and asserted that minorities feel threatened by law enforcement officials. In the Trayvon Martin case, he famously said “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon.” In the Michael Brown case, he claimed that the police needed to better trained so they would be able to distinguish between a gang banger and a kid wearing a hoody. And of course following the Garner case, he went on Black Entertainment Television to say that racism is “deeply rooted in our society, deeply rooted in our history”. Obama continued to depict the death of Eric Garner and the no indictment verdict of Officer Pantaleo as racially motivated, despite the fact that both the widow and the daughter of Eric Garner went on record to say that Eric Garner’s death was not a “black or white thing”. Rather, it was an issue of police behavior.

Obama needs a wake up call that his continued attempts to “play the race card” to retain the support of the black population are no longer working. And that wake up call has started with the black voices who have publically come out against Obama and his top cop Eric Holder’s race baiting dialogue and the riots which followed. Individuals like Niger Innis, the National spokesperson for the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE), Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr don’t buy the rhetoric. And the crowd of dissatisfied black Americans is continuing to grow. Eventually, they will offer Obama the ultimate referendum. They will give him a “no confidence vote”. And while Obama may not have to worry about the national election anymore, he still has to think about his legacy. After Ferguson and Garner, that legacy is undeniably tarnished.


RACE HUSTLERS in charge of Ferguson
Prez Obama, Rev Sharpton & AG Holder!

(how they doin?)

The Grand Jury has spoken with a decision of no indictment for Darren Wilson, the white police officer, who fatally shot eighteen year old black teenager Michael Brown, on August 9 in Ferguson, Missouri. They determined that there was not enough evidence that a crime had been committed. How did this very weak case become such a circus? How did a police officer shooting a menacing thug in self-defense become a story of a violent law enforcement official slaying a “gentle giant” in cold blood?

The Ferguson case would never have made it out of the St. Louis metro area were it not for the involvement of President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, a misguided mainstream media looking for a hot story, and of course a “hanging happy” public.

Identity politics played a key role in Ferguson. Shootings both deliberate and accidental happen every day in this country. But for some reason, this one captured the attention of both President Obama and Attorney General Holder. Obama and Holder inserted themselves into the Ferguson investigation because they identified with Michael Brown. Instead of letting the police and government officials in the city of Ferguson and state of Missouri handle the investigation, they got involved. They let their identity as black men obscure their judgment in their official capacities. They also dragged their buddy notorious race merchant Al Sharpton in with him. The weekend before the verdict, Al Sharpton was all over the airways “calling for peace” while mobilizing the masses in 25 cities.

Distrust of law enforcement was also a key element in the Ferguson case. President Obama and Attorney General Holder have been demonstrating their distrust of law enforcement since the onset of the Ferguson case particularly over the last few days. Prior to the verdict, Obama went on the Sunday talk shows and said that the police need to be better trained so that they can distinguish between a “gang banger and a kid in a hoody”. Who wears a hoody in the summer time? In the days leading up to the verdict, our President and his “Top Cop” publically called for the police to show restraint in dealing with the crowds or rather mobs congregating outside the court house. Holder also found issue with Missouri Governor Jay Nixon calling the National Guard troops to Ferguson in advance of the verdict. And after the “no indictment” announcement, Obama and Holder threw more fuel to the fire by continuing to ask for restraint. Holder also made an announcement that the Department of Justice would continue to investigate the Ferguson police.

Media bias has been blatant since day one of the Ferguson story. When the case first broke, the liberal media quickly jumped right in and started reporting without verifyingtoobin the information they were receiving. There were a number of inaccurate and incendiary reports including when CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin made the comment that the Ferguson shooting “looks to me like cold blooded murder”. And the bias continued as the main stream media picked up the words of Harvard Law School Professor Charles Ogletree, whose past students included both Barrack and Michelle Obama. Professor Ogletree compared Michael Brown to Emmett Till, the young kid who was killed in Mississippi for allegedly whistling at a white woman in 1955. Professor Ogletree also described Michael Brown as a civil rights martyr in the spirit of Martin Luther King. But interestingly enough while the main stream media was quick to transform a common thug into a hero, they were just as quick to transform Darren Wilson into a cold blooded killer. When Wilson granted his first television interview to ABC a day after the no indictment announcement, the media jumped all over his appearance calling him cold. To add insult to injury, the New York Times also published his street address. Additionally, CNN’s Chris Cuomo, described the “grand jury as a dinosaur” and came very close to advocating for prosecutor Robert McCulloch to bring the charges again against Wilson despite the grand jury results. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Angry mobs have been present in Ferguson since the case broke. And of course the situation was completely out of control after the grand jury announcement. The mob took over and started throwing bottles, spraying tear gas, lighting flames and vandalizing store fronts. Over 2000 members of the National Guard were brought into contain the violence which included hundreds of protesters, many arrests and the destruction of many businesses including minority owned entities. One of the angriest people to grab the mike, was none other than Michael Brown’s step father Louis Head, who climbed on top of a car, turned to the crowd and repeatedly shouted, "Burn this b---- down!" So much for the Brown family sending out a message asking for peace. And like a virus which cannot be contained, mob uprisings quickly spread to other cities including New York, Washington, Oakland, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Boston among others.

Identity politics, distrust of law enforcement, media bias and mob mentality are the kindling which transformed Ferguson into a city in flames. We need to view Ferguson as a wake up call so that our country does not also go up in flames.


(Emperor Barack Hussein Obama will execute an uprecedented overreach of power in
the history of America, despite promising and campaigning with the opposite message).

This is a story of how Emperor Obama and his political team have brilliantly created an Immigration Amnesty Executive Order strategy that will successfully target the “good news” to Hispanic youth, block the “bad news” from the majority of Americans that object to Executive Fiat, while at the same time making the Gruber fiasco disappear before our very eyes.

How might this hat trick transpire you ask? Pay attention. 

First, Obama met with his dear close friend Attorney General Eric Holder who informed him that the Ferguson grand jury will render a decision this week and report it as they usually do, on a Friday. The Supreme Court works on a similar schedule.

Second, Obama met with his dear close friend Rev. Al Sharpton and other civil rights activists about “staying the course” and ensuring that the civil unrest take place in Ferguson with or without a Grand Jury indictment.

Third, Al Sharpton announced in New York that he will be in Ferguson to march on multiple municipal buildings in Ferguson regardless of the outcome of the Ferguson Grand Jury decision. Eric Holder had pre-empted the outcome of the decision a couple of weeks ago by telling the leakers who supported Officer Wilson to “shut up” and added that the Ferguson police department was in need of a “complete overhaul”. Both Obama and Holder both stated in separate speeches in October that they have a mistrust of law enforcement in general. So you can see where this is going, and that they are manufacturing a reason for civil unrest regardless of what the Grand Jury in Ferguson decides.

Fourth, it just so happens that the annual Latino Grammy Awards are taking place on the night of the Executive Order announcement that will grant amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants in an unprecedented overreach of executive power. At the same time, the Mainstream Media (MSM) will NOT air the 10-15 minute announcement citing that Thursday’s are their biggest night for prime-time television. How convenient that they can under-report "bad news" that only 38% of Americans support while our POTUS gets to speak “good news” directly to millions of Hispanic youth watching the Latino Grammys. Add to the fact that the announcement comes at the end of an evening of prime time television, and the news cycle will only get to cover the “bad news” on Friday before the press goes home for the weekend when many will take vacation on Thanksgiving break. Enter Ferguson and the promise of Al Sharpton stoking the flames of civil unrest in Ferguson on Friday, the weekend, and into the first of next week and the Executive Order becomes old news, and Gruber a distant memory.

Those who attempt to compare Obama amnesty to millions of illegal aliens with Bush or Reagan executive orders are overlooking the facts that their executive orders complied with law, statutes, had popular bipartisan support, and had a level of urgency and timing that Obama’s order is lacking.

It’s another win by side-stepping the rules for Emperor Obama. And the media? Crickets.

See you in 2016. Remember, executive orders can be revoked with a stroke of a president’s pen.

Choose wisley ;).

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(Boston Herald, Tuesday February 8, 2011 NOT SO FUNNY cover illustration of how the left wing newspaper bought the lie,
promoted Jonathan Gruber and his comic book, and mocked the right with standard issue liberal media bias).

Well, it has been more than seven days and seven videos since MIT economist and “ObamaCare Architect” Jonathan Gruber launched his fifteen minutes of fame with the now infamous words “Call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever” to explain why the Obama administration was able to successfully pull the wool over the eyes of the American people with regard to The Affordable Care Act or “ObamaCare”. While the conservative media is focused on how Jonathan Gruber and the Obama administration deceived the American public on multiple occasions in multiple ways, the “smugness” of this phrase is disturbing. It is disturbing because it was the breeding ground for the elaborate multilayered deception that I like to call "Wonk Politics" / #wonkpolitics

loretta lynchEver since President Obama announced Loretta Lynch, US Attorney from the Southern District of New York, as his choice to replace Eric Holder as the Attorney General, there has been much speculation as to the type of attorney general she would be and to her performance in the confirmation hearings. Democrats and Republicans alike have complimented her extensive experience. In her current position which she has held since 2010, she is responsible for overseeing all federal and civil investigations and cases in Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island, as well as Nassau and Suffolk Counties on Long Island and for supervising a staff of approximately 170 attorneys and 150 support personnel. Ms. Lynch, who received both her undergraduate and law degrees from Harvard, had an earlier stint as a US Attorney in the Southern District of New York from 1999-2001 where she was a member of the Attorney General’s Advisory Committee, serving as Co-Chair of the White Collar Crime Subcommittee. Described as a tough prosecutor, Lynch was notably a member of the trial team that convicted several NYPD officers involved in the torture of Haitian immigrant Abner Louima in August 1997. Lynch’s resume also includes the prosecution of Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis, a Bangladeshi man who was convicted in an operation which attempted to blow up the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in October 2012.

As a result of her “no nonsense” reputation, the media has repeatedly predicted that Ms. Lynch will sail through the confirmation process. Even Megyn Kelly, attorney and host of Fox News’ The Kelly File has described her as “the person who should be most acceptable to the right wing of Republicans in this country of anybody who President Obama was considering. She is a straight shooter.” Ironically ABC News is not so sure. According to a report from the typically left leaning network, Ms. Lynch and Eric Holder see eye to eye on at least “four hot button issues”. For instance, they both support the use of civilian trials for terror suspects. Back in 2011, Ms. Lynch made the statement “We increasingly see the face of homegrown extremism as one of our own, who cannot be tried in a military commission. Federal courts have also established effective mechanisms to obtain cooperation from defendants, And I cannot underscore how important the cooperation and the intelligence that we gather from these suspects is in the fight against terror. It’s the major advantage and difference from the commission system.”


It has only been three days since the mid-term election which returned Senate control to the GOP, but Democrats and some Republicans are already pushing back on Senate Majority Leader-Elect Mitch McConnell’s proposals for corporate tax reform. This is very telling as corporate tax reform is one of the few areas where he and President Obama have identified the potential for compromise. After all, President Obama is not enjoying seeing a pattern of U.S. corporations moving their headquarters overseas to avoid the U.S, corporate tax rate which can be as high as 35%.

obama-reid-mcconnell-boehnerAs the dust settles after the dramatic defeat of the Democrat party in this past Tuesday's election we've seen an interesting chess match unfolding between the new Senate Majority Leader elect Mitch McConnell (R-KY), President Obama, and Speaker of the house John Boehner (R-OH).  Perhaps chess may be too sophisticated for this jousting match that appears more like a game of chicken, or poker, all gambling with our future, the well-being of the country we all love, and our money.

The stakes couldn't be higher.

As we enter this new lame duck period of politics that always occurs after an election and before the start of the new Congress on January 20th we are aware that anything can happen.

What is happening now is that Obama has doubled down on his promise to make good on immigration amnesty promising to use executive order to give amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants without securing the border or fixing the illegal immigration problem.  Many believe this is an unconstitutional attempt to import Hispanic voters who will almost certainly depend on government welfare policies championed by the Democrat party, which will mean that the new illegals will likely vote Democrat and have an enormous impact on the American electorate in a way that clearly favors future elections for the Democrats.

The backdrop to this unconstitutional voter import scheme is that the Democrat majority Senate lead by Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) passed immigration legislation with a 51 vote majority that was strong on amnesty, and weak on border security.  The House didn't touch it.  Normally a Senate vote on immigration would require a majority of 60 votes but Harry Reid changed the Senate rules with a 51-vote majority that allowed for 51-vote majority to pass legislation such as Immigration Reform.  Normally, 67 votes are required to change Senate rules.  Harry Reid, with the help of Joe Biden violated parliamentarian protocol executing what has now become known as the “nuclear option” that allowed the rule change from 60 to 51 votes for a majority.



GOP arrests Obama on Election Tuesday for trespassing on the US Constitution by taking an unprecedented NINE Senate seats from the Democrat party and removing the "gavel" from the white knuckled fist of Senate Majority Leader Harry "legislation blocker in chief" Reid.  Republicans also took away four Gubernatorial seats and ten House of Representative seats from the Democrats.  The election marks a historic watershed victory for Republicans and almost certainly religates Obama to the ranks of lame duck presidents like Truman and Carter.

senator-harry-reidIf the current poll numbers are correct then "we are just five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States Senate", and Majority Leader Harry Reid can have his walking papers, and take his anger and brand of politics with him.  Assuming, this comes to pass, what will the major changes be?

  1. 1. The Senate will return to a 60 vote threshold versus the simple majority that Harry Reid imposed with his “Nuclear Option” last November. This will have an impact on the confirmation of executive office appointments and federal judicial nominees.

2. The confirmation process for Obama’s nominees will be more difficult. A  GOP controlled Senate coupled with the return to the 6o vote threshold will make it more difficult for far left candidates to sail through the confirmation process. Probably the most anticipated appointment is the replacement for Attorney General Eric Holder. Now that Obama has delayed the appointment until after the election, he is now challenged to select a candidate who will be acceptable by both sides of the aisle. Leading potential candidates such as Solicitor General Donald Verrilli, Labor Secretary Tom Perez and Brooklyn U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch will face greater scrutiny than they would have had the confirmation hearings taken place before the election. After all, Mr. Verrilli made a name for himself when he defended the Affordable Care Act. Secretary Perez recently received some criticism from the GOP for his comments that amnesty to illegal immigrants is “a crucial piece of the puzzle for the President’s vision of shared prosperity”.

3. There will be far more Senate investigations and hearings. There were a number of domestic and foreign policy matters which Republicans have pinpointed as warranting more investigation. Under a GOP controlled Senate, expect to see requests to open additional investigations into Fast & Furious, the Bowe Bergdahl trade, Benghazi etc.

4. Executive Amnesty for illegal immigrants will be blocked. Obama’s plan to   implement Executive Amnesty with a phone and a pen will face much greater opposition under a GOP controlled Senate which favors strong border control.


Today marks Ron Klain, the much heralded Ebola Czar’s first day at work. But the man who was just hired last week for a newly created position is already trying to negotiate his next job.  According to Politico, Mr. Klain might be next in line to replace John Podesta as Barack Obama’s counselor as Podesta is rumored to be leaving to run Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Klain may also be the heir apparent to chief of staff Denis McDonough’s position. Mr. Klain apparently has already filled out the next five years on his resume before hanging his name plate on the door.