jonathandachThey say the cover up is usually worse than the crime. For the past two years, the White House administration has categorically denied that the White House had any involvement in the April 2012 prostitution scandal in Cartagena, Columbia which resulted on the firing of close to two dozen individuals from the Secret Service and the military. On October 9, the Washington Post published an article which revealed that the White House administration was aware back in 2012 of a White House staff connection to the scandal and made multiple efforts to cover it up. The article revealed that there was significant evidence that Jonathan Dach, then a twenty-five year old Yale graduate serving as a volunteer/per diem employee in the White House’s travel department, registered a prostitute to his room.  When the “registration information” came to light the Secret Service determined that there was enough evidence to investigate the matter further.  Two weeks after the alleged incident Mark Sullivan, the Director of the Secret Service, shared the investigation’s findings with members of the White House top staff including then White House Counsel Kathryn Ruemmler. At the time, Ms. Ruemmler and other aides claimed that there was no evidence of wrong doing. Also, since prostitution is not illegal in Columbia, Ms. Ruemmler, reportedly said that it would be “a real scandal if she had sent “a team of people to Colombia to investigate a volunteer over something that’s not a criminal act.”  Incidentally, Ms. Ruemmler who is now working in private practice has been mentioned as a potential successor to Attorney General Eric Holder.

The Department of Homeland Security also thought an investigation was warranted. It was further revealed that the chief investigator for the DHS Inspector leslie dachGeneral’s Office, David Nieland, claimed that the team was pressured to “delay the report of the investigation until after the election.” Mr. Nieland was later placed on administrative leave.  And Charles Edwards, the acting Inspector General later resigned. But the investigation didn’t end there. There was also a Senate inquiry which later concluded that “Edwards had altered the investigation, at the behest of the Administration officials.”   

While at least ten Secret Service agents lost their positions or were put on administrative leave, Mr. Dach received a promotion. Ironically, he is now working full time as a policy advisor in the office of Global Women’s Issues at the State Department. Mr. Dach is the son of Leslie Dach, a democratic donor who contributed $23,900 to Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign. Mr. Dach was most recently Walmart’s Executive Vice President of Corporate affairs and government relations for seven years and he also previously managed the Walmart Foundation, one of the largest foundations in the US. While at Walmart, Mr. Dach collaborated with First Lady Michelle Obama on the “Let’s Move Program”.  In July, Mr. Dach was hired as a senior counselor with the Department of Health and Human Services, where he’s working on Obamacare implementation.

Well, they say politics makes strange bedfellows.